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Artist Statment 

In my practice, I explore the relationships and limitations of transparency. From book arts, painting, to shadow/perspective play installments. I employ the physical interactivity and spatial presence between my works and the viewers to create intimate relationships with one other. 

As these past few years have come and gone, I am awakened to my own narrative, and have begun a restless journey to gain awareness of my identity. As a Chinese-born Adoptee, who has become accustomed to a multitude of relocations, I would always feel a strong sense of displacement, and as a young child I was always intrigued by illusions and optical physics, there has always been an underlying sense of nostalgia, a feeling of childlike wonder that comes with the territory of transparency, light, and shadow but I never would have thought this interest would seep into my work as much as it has. It wasn't until entering my practice in transparent perspective paintings I have found a sense of home. A sensation of grounded fluidity within the vacancy of time and impermanence of ever-changing space. ​

Today in my ongoing work I use transparency and physical discernment to communicate fragility, vulnerability, clarity, and sensations of displacement when analyzing and interpreting chinas one-child policy, both in its own political context but also in an intimate one to create a sense of community, understanding, and clarity with those who can relate. Going further in my career I plan to continue my research in Asian studies, philosophy, the psychological connection of sex, and gender, as well as DNA testing, to further advance my knowledge going forward in deciphering the ideology and historical context regarding my work ahead. 

Dec 2020, 

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